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24 August 2013 @ 10:48 pm
Girly and Fluffy real-life news!  
Let me introduce you the little Arya!
One summer day we heard a kitten crying, so my mom went out and saw this little fluffy thing crying while walking all by herself on the street. As the kitten saw my mom she ran toward her! we have been looking for someone to take her... but people who love cats are hard to find! so she's still with us. We're trying to make Zara (the dog...who kills cats!!! T___T) and Danae (my cat) get on well with her *fingers crossed*
Meanwhile, I called her Arya....yep! just like Arya Stark! ;)
she's sooo cute and sweet! she behaves more like a dog than like a cat!

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I love shopping!
One of the best anti-depressants? shopping, of course! <3
You can't even imagine how long I've been looking for sunglasses that would fit me! I seem not to have a glasses-face :p but these ones are really so cute!
About the clothes, I FINALLY managed to buy leggings with crosses aaaaaaaaand a t-shirt with a cat face on it (like the ones I always see on those expensive foreign shops on the internet!!!!!) *me iz happy*

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